We are throwing a message in a bottle out of the Mekong. For Seekers, this river maps our own voyage of discovery across Southeast Asia; as wild water buffaloes graze by its banks, where lotus flowers rise to the warm sun, this Mother of Water connects all passing cultures in its currents. 

We have made Southeast Asia our home, a region that is a constant inspiration to us; the richness of its flavours; cultures, crafts and the energy of a generation of Seekers powering its development. 

It is with this energy that we approach our craft and in every drop we distill, we seek a taste sensation that defines our own sense of discovery of this vibrant and vast region of Asia.




We are Seekers
independent spirits, forever curious and eternally open-minded.

We seek to learn. To taste. To dream. To discover.


Tania & Marco


Hailing from London and Barcelona, cities renowned for their premium gin, and with years of experience in the hospitality industry under their belts, the two know a thing or two about food and drink. Southeast Asia has been a part of their lives for over 20 years. The region is now their home and a source of constant inspiration.

Tania’s Perfect Serve: White Negroni
Marco’s Perfect Serve: Seekers & Tonic


Alfie Amayo

Head Distiller

Left his London gin making days for new adventures mixing things up in the Mekong.

Alfie’s Perfect Serve
French 75 (coming soon to serves)


Sovatha Chhan

Distillery Manager

Our distillery mamma from the province with a heart of gold. Loves gin as much as her country.

Sovatha’s Perfect Serve
Basil Smash