At Seekers, we love flavour & the Mekong region’s got lots of it.
We’re talking pomelos the size of your head and jasmine that grows like wildflowers on every street corner. 

Our founders, Tania and Marco, fell in love with all of it. From the gastronomy, to the warm culture and everything in between. Hailing from London and Barcelona, cities renowned for their premium gin, and with years of experience in the hospitality industry under their belts, the two know a thing or two about food and drink. Seekers is handcrafted in small batches, led by Alfie, our London-born Head Distiller, using traditional distilling methods and the region’s finest ingredients.

East-meets-west. Old-meets-New.  



We are Seekers. We are independent spirits. We are forever curious and eternally open minded.

You can find us at Seekers Spirit's home in the lively Toul Tong Poung neighbourhood of Phnom Penh. An area bustling with markets, cafes, restaurants and bars, tuk tuks and bikes, tourists and locals.


Tania Unsworth

Founder, Fearless Leader No.1
& Managing Director

London born, Asia bred. With a heart bigger than a pomelo,  she finds magic in the ordinary.

Tania’s Perfect Serve


Marco Julia

Founder, Fearless Leader No.2
& Operations Director

Barcelonan epicure. Idea generator. ‘GinTonic’ charmer.

Marco’s Perfect Serve
Seekers & Tonic


Alfie Amayo

Curious Head Distiller

Left his London gin making days for new adventures mixing things up in the Mekong.

Alfie’s Perfect Serve
French 75 (coming soon to serves)


Sovatha Chhan

Distillery Manager

Our distillery mamma from the province with a heart of gold. Loves gin as much as her country.

Sovatha’s Perfect Serve
Basil Smash