Seekers Mekong Dry Gin

Introducing Cambodia’s first premium London Dry style gin.
An old-style spirit with new-world character.


Handcrafted with 11 native botanicals foraged from the banks of the Mekong River.

- 41.3% abv 700ml -

We use spring water from the Kampot mountains, which has undergone the natural filtration process of all spring waters. It is further purified before being used in the dilution of our gin, but maintains its unique taste and rich mineral content. Also available in 200ml bottle size.




Native Botanicals


Bright citrus

Sweet nuttiness + fragrant aroma

Coriander Seed
Spicy + citrus

Khaffir Lime Leaf
Vibrant citrus

Khmer Basil
Clean + subtle spearmint notes

Palm Seed
Slightly nutty + residual sweetness

Rare fragrant florals

Bright, bold, slightly bitter citrus

Cassia Bark
Spicy base note + subtly sweet finish

Green Orange
Oil-rich + freshness,
giving texture and length

Warm + woodsy depth,
carries through to a spiced finish


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Tasting Notes

Notes of fresh herbs and citrus create a bright aroma, followed by a floral and sweet pandan, while galangal and cassia bark packs some heat.

It’s a smooth, vibrant gin that celebrates the wild warmth and rich culture of the Mekong.


- 1 -

Crystal clear & colourless.
Flows like liquid silk.

- 2 -

Aromatic, fresh, herbal-citrus,
with warm, floral-pandan.

- 3 -

Medium sweet. Smooth,
full-bodied, aromatic, herbal & citrusy. Warm earthiness.



Seekers Spirits are made in small-batches by a passionate team of distillers who have hearts for discovery, exploration, and excellence.

Every batch is made to the highest standards, with the best ingredients from local farmers we know.
Our gin is distilled in copper stills over naked flame, following one of the oldest forms of distillation (the way it has been for generations). Our distillers have one foot planted in tradition, while the other is constantly walking forward towards new flavour and adventure.

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